Embroidery threads photoI have been doing counted cross stitch for many years. After several years of using kits, I became very bored and wanted something more challenging. I found software that transforms photos and graphics into counted cross-stitch charts. I would like to share these and a few other items with you.

All items here are FREE; however, I do ask that you “Pay It Forward!” This is a premise put forth in the movie of the same title. Essentially, it means that for each pattern you download from this web site, you agree to do something good for 3 people within a year’s time — pay it forward! It is an honor system between you and God and promotes Christian behavior (whether you are Christian or not) across the world, and it begins with YOU!

Please Note:

I originally had some of these items at my Faith-MakeItReal.com website. I created xshaven.com and moved them here, when I decided to place the F-MIR site into another format. So, you’ll see it referenced on a lot of these materials, which is why my copyright begins in 2007. Please enjoy.

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