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Here, you will find three useful ebooks that can enhance your daily life –Animated green worm reading a book.

  • A cross-stitch journal for recording your cross-stitch projects, something I wish I’d had. I’ve forgotten more projects I’ve done over the years than I remember – I typically give them as gifts.
  • A School Days ebook that tracks a child from kindergarten through
    high school. Quite a keepsake for every parent.
  • A wedding planner the helps you completely organize your wedding or that of your friend or family member. It can really save the day.

They are in a page-turning ebook. If you wish to download the ebooks to use from your computer, then you will need a DNL reader (similar to Adobe®’s Acrobat® Reader) to be downloaded and installed. (It will not harm your computer in any manner – ignore your antivirus program – and works as a plugin to your browser.) Click this graphic to download the reader. Get the DNL Reader

Remember to keep the original and copy for use. That way, you can begin a new ebook for each child, wedding or when you fill each XS Journal.

My three ebooks (page-turning) are FREE; however, I do ask that you “Pay It Forward!” This is a premise put forth in the movie of the same title. Basically, it means that for each ebook you download from this web site, you agree to do something good for 3 people within a year’s time — pay it forward! It is an honor system between you and God, it promotes Christian behavior (whether you’re Christian or not doesn’t matter) across the world, and it begins with YOU!

Click on the book graphics below to download:

School Days Keepsake download

School Days Keepsake – 210 kb file


Download XS Project Journal

Cross-Stitch Project Journal – 210kb file


Wedding Planner download

Wedding Planner – 689 kb file

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